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Adjustment and Inequality

The Motu ‘Adjustment and Inequality’ (A&I) research programme was a five year research programme funded by the Foundation of Research, Science, and Technology (FoRST) between 2002 and 2007. Overall, the research helped summarise and understand the pattern of adjustment that occurs in response to exogenous economic and social change (“shocks”), the way that these adjustments promote improved well-being, and it looks to anticipate the impacts of future changes.


Objectives of the A&I programme

The programme had three research objectives, described on the pages linked below (click on the links to go to webpages with detailed info):

Objective 1: Enhancing research infrastructure: create networks, develop data and make it accessible, and build research capacity.

Objective 2: Understanding geographic adjustment: understand the implications of location for community, family and individual well-being in New Zealand.

Objective 3: Identifying determinants of unequal opportunities and outcomes: understand the evolution of the distribution of outcomes in New Zealand.

Research leader:

Dave Maré

Programme leader

Steve Stillman

Other senior Motu researchers

Arthur Grimes

Suzi Kerr


Other Motu researchers:

Andrew Aitken

Jo Hendy

Yun Liang

Isabelle Sin

Jason Timmins

Sylvia Dixon


Other researchers:

Suzie Ballantyne

Andrew Coleman

Simon Chapple

Ron Crawford

Jackie Cumming

Richard Fabling

Viv Hall

Dean Hyslop

Özer Karagedikli

Geoff Lewis

Sholeh Maani

John McDermott

William McLuskey

Jacques Poot

Adrian Slack

Robert Sourell

Rhema Vaithianathan

Malathi Velamuri