Published: 2014

This page allows you to download the code for the LURNZ modules. These are provided as zip files. These files can be opened in any text editor (such as notepad), but require the MATLAB program to run.

If you would like to run LURNZ, please contact Motu and we will send you the required LURNZ input data.

LURNZ Module Codes

Run LURNZ singlescenario – simulates and allocates land use change under a single policy scenario. Runs selected modules.

Run LURNZ compare scenarios – compares the simulation and allocation across two different policy scenarios. Runs selected modules. The code that runs the scenario comparisons for the different modules can be downloaded here.

Land Use Change Module – simulates national land use areas from 2008

Land Use Allocation Module – spatially allocates forecasted land use changes from the Land Use Change Module

Land Use Intensity Module – spatially simulates Land Use Intensity based on the results from the Land Use Allocation Module

GHG Module – spatially simulates GHG emissions based on the results from the Land Use Allocation Module and the Land Use Intensity Module