Stakeholder Perspectives and Experiences of Housing and Affordability in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough

This paper was prepared for the Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa New Zealand AND the Department of Building and Housing AND the Housing New Zealand Corporation, 

This report presents data from interviews with a wide range of individuals and representatives of organisations in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough (NTM). The interviews are part of the data collection undertaken for Component Two of the research programme: Affordable Housing in the Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough Regions: a Solutions Study.

This study is concerned with identifying the causes of housing stress that have emerged in recent years in NTM. In particular it focuses on the interactions between the housing market and the changing local labour markets, and housing-related stresses experienced by workers, families and employers in emerging export industries.

The research findings will be used to develop a range of options aimed at alleviating the identified housing stresses.