Progress Report on the New History of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Published: 2003

Authors: John Singleton, Gary Hawke, Frank Holmes, Arthur Grimes

Work began in 2001 on a new official history of the RBNZ, focusing on the period since publication of Gary Hawke's study of the Bank in 1973.

This paper discusses the arrangements under which the current project is managed, explains the significance of the RBNZ for central banking, and indicates the challenges facing the historians. A brief outline is given of the planned contents of each chapter.

It is hoped that the book arising from this project will be of value to those interested in central banking and monetary policy as well as in the recent history of New Zealand. Over the years, a number of leading central banks, including the Bank of England, the Reserve Bank of Australia, and the Deutsche Bundesbank, have commissioned institutional histories. The present research project on the history of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ or the "Bank") falls within this tradition.

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Singleton, John; Arthur Grimes, Gary Hawke and Sir Frank Holmes. 2003. "Progress Report on the New History of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand," Australian Economic History Review, 43:1, pp. 83-88.