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Bridging the gap between science and policy

In an ideal world, public policy would be grounded in evidence and research, drawing upon the best available knowledge from the disciplines of science, humanities and economics. In the real world, however, policy decisions are… Top Ten Reads

Motu researchers on the political benefits of destruction, Bill's datatopia, why meddling governments make you happy, the productivity gap, the Fed and fiscal policy, scaling the depths of bad puns, and more...

Researchers are from Mars, policymakers are from Venus: How can we bridge the divide?

Rigorous researchers and risk averse decision-makers must overcome their differences and work closer together if we are to achieve better public policy outcomes, Suzi Kerr writes in the PolicyForum from the Asia and the Pacific…

Suzi Kerr Interview in Asymmetric Information

The December 2016 issue of Asymmetric Info includes a long interview with Suzi Kerr by Lew Evans. They discuss how Suzi got into economics and how Motu began. Here... The issue also features an article on…