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Motu Research Update #23

In this issue: Life after Kyoto: how could New Zealand’s decision to opt out of the Kyoto protocol affect the way we address climate change over the next decade? “Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart” evaluation National Wellbeing…

Motu Research Update #22

In this issue: Historical Land Use Patterns: Learning about Rural Land Use Change The International Diffusion of Knowledge Creating a Forest Profit Dataset  

Motu Research Update #21

In this issue: Patterns of Population Location in Auckland Designing Policy to Protect New Zealand’s Water Quality Strengthening International Ties through Internships

Motu Research Update #20

In this issue: Managing risks in emissions trading markets. Looking forward after the quake. Saving New Zealand: PAYGO v SAYGO super schemes.  

Are Kiwi firms innovative enough?

TV3 News website has an article (at the bottom of the page) on Adam Jaffe and Trinh Le's paper on R&D subsidies and innovation.

Christchurch workers bounce back, study says

RNZ News have an article and a short audio piece on our recent paper on the effects of the Canterbury earthquakes on workers.

Thinking of relocating? New studies show it can be good for you

Ever wanted to move to another part of the country? You could be either financially or emotionally better off if you take the plunge, according to two new reports released by the Motu Economic and…