Supporting Motu

Motu is now seventeen years old and our unbiased, high quality research is more sought after than ever. We have built our reputation on the international standard of our independent policy and economic work.

To ensure Motu can meet future demands and to carefully grow the organisation and our capability, we are looking for funding, both project specific and over-arching. If you have an interest in supporting and promoting quality economic research that provides a stronger platform for better public policy decision making, and in ensuring that such research work is published and disseminated for widespread public use, please click on the orange button to the right to help fund us.

Motu is split into two separate organisations:

  • Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, a charitable trust that runs our research programmes. These are funded by grants from various organisations including government departments and private companies.
  • Motu Research and Education Foundation, a charitable trust, set up to manage our non-contract capability-building funding. This comes in the form of endowments and donations from a number of public and private institutions, as well as interested individuals.