Coverage of housing prices and migration paper

Jul 31, 2019

Population growth pushes up house prices but the share of migrants doesn't, our media release about the new research from Dean Hyslop, Trinh Le, Dave Maré and Steve Stillman was picked up by the following media:

  • TVNZ - Kiwis, not migrants, putting pressure on NZ house prices, new research finds
  • NZ Herald - Immigration not to blame for housing crisis, MBIE-funded study finds
  • Stuff - International immigrants not to blame for soaring house prices, researchers say
  • Interest - New research finds the composition of migrants has no influence on house prices, but New Zealanders moving tends to push prices up more
  • Voxy - Moving Kiwis affect house prices more than immigration, says research
  • NZ Advisor - Why immigrants haven’t caused soaring house prices