Gender Wage Gap Coverage

Sep 5, 2017

The paper examining the reasons behind the gender wage gap was popular in the media. Here is a list of where the article featured:

Mainstream Media

  • The Conversation - Women paid less for same contribution to work, and sexism is to blame – study
  • RNZ Nine to Noon - Sexism pure & simple, blamed for gender pay gap
  • TVNZ Breakfast - 'It's not OK' - New research finds pure sexism main contributor to gender wage gap
  • Newshub - Gender pay gap continues to persist
  • NZ Herald - Sexism driving gender pay gap - study
  • RadioLIVE - Gender pay gap exists and its down to pure sexism
  • RNZ News - Sexism pure & simple, blamed for gender pay gap
  • Daily Telegraph (Australia) - The gender pay gap is real. Here’s proof
  • - Report says women paid less even when as productive
  • Newstalk ZB - Women not at fault for pay gap - study
  • - Editorial: Real equality for working women still a long way off
  • Science Media Centre - Sexism the likely driver of gender pay gap – In the News
  • Whanganui Chronicle - Editorial: Million-dollar gender pay gap
  • TVNZ 6pm News - Women urged to back themselves as report blames sexism for gender pay gap
  • WTV - 性别收入差距12% 10年未曾改善
  • Chinese NZ Herald - 在全世界最尊重女权的新西兰 男女同工同酬依然很远......

Blog/Opinion posts

Other websites

  • Buzzfeed - Pure sexism, not the fact women are more likely to work in lower paid professions, is to blame for much of the gender wage gap, a study released today by New Zealand researchers has found.
  • Sunday Star Times - Alison Mau: My electrician has faced attacks for giving women a discount – but handled them like a boss
  • Gizmodo - Even Science Says Sexism Is To Blame For The Gender Pay Gap
  • Vice - Surprise! New Study Finds the NZ Pay Gap Mostly Caused By Sexism
  • HRM Online - Happy equal pay day! Or is it?
  • Edith Cowan University Journalism School - Sexism blamed for gender pay gap
  • Xinhuanet - Sexism to blame for majority of New Zealand gender wage gap: study
  • Newswire - Sexism the cause of gender pay gap: study
  • NZ City - Sexism the cause of gender pay gap: study
  • Human Resources Director - NZ study blames sexism for wage gap
  • Now to Love - New study finds sexism the real reason for gender pay gap in NZ