Anna Robinson

Anna worked at Motu between January 2014 and July 2015 after completing a BSc(Hons) in Economics with a minor in Chinese from the University of Otago. For her honours dissertation, she worked with Professor Steve Stillman to study changes in the gender wage gap in post-Communist Russia. Her main interest is in development economics.

Anna worked with Arthur Grimes to study the effects of government taxation and spending policies on self-reported life satisfaction. This project is part of the Marsden Grant-funded research programme, Testing the Robustness and Validity of National Wellbeing and Sustainability Measures. Anna also worked with Arthur on the Resilient Urban Futures project, investigating the influence of infrastructure, geography and climate on New Zealand’s long-run urban development.

Anna is now working in international development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where she is working on NZ's relationship with Tokelau.