Shakked Noy

Shakked Noy

Shakked was a 2017/2018 summer intern, working with Izi on the labour market effects of social networks, before he became an RA at the beginning of 2020. 


Shakked completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Economics, Mathematics, and Philosophy at Victoria University in 2017, then an Honours degree in Economics.


At Motu, he worked with Isabelle Sin to research the impact of social network strength on labour market outcomes, using the case study of Māori who live in their traditional rohe. He also contributed to research on mothers’ leave decisions, job displacement, housing and health and rural jobs, working with with Izi, Lynn, Dave, Dean, and Livvy.


In 2022, he won the 2022 Motu Doctoral Scholarshipawarded to Motu Research Analysts who leave Motu to do a highly rated PhD course.


Shakked has left Motu Research to do pre doctorate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working on labour economics with a focus on worker representation institutions.