Environmental Trading Games: Emissions Trading

Motu has developed a game where participants take part in a simplified emissions trading system. This was designed to give participants ‘hands on’ experience of trading.

Emissions Trading System

Participants manage either an electricity retailer firm or a cement producer firm. Each firm decides how much to produce each year. When they increase production they increase their emissions. During the game, regulations to control emissions will be introduced. Students will have to respond by altering their production.

We welcome questions, and would also be happy to hear about your experiences playing the game via info@motu.org.nz. 

Game materials

The game consists of two files. The emissions game handouts for players (Spanish version) includes one sheet for electricity retailer firms and one sheet for cement producer firms. Each should keep their sheet confidential. Instructors will need one copy of the emissions game teachers notes (Spanish version) 

We suggest using these materials across two sessions:

Session 1

  1. Emissions trading game presentation (Spanish version) on the emissions trading game (10 minutes).
  2. Trading game scenarios 1,2 and 2 a. This takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, including and depending upon discussion time. The extension (a demonstration of more ambition and the impact of allocation) will take additional time, and could be carried over to session 2.

Session 2

  1. Scenario 3
  2. Further discussion and/or allocation extension.