Training videos - New Zealand ETS

Published: 2021

In mid-2020, Catherine Leining and Sandra Cortés Acosta produced a series of short videos in English and Spanish explaining operational aspects of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. The four videos are:

  1. New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Key design features
    English subtitles Spanish subtitles
  2. New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Policy and price signals for low-emission investment 
    English subtitles Spanish subtitles
  3. New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Business engagement in policy design 
    English subtitles Spanish subtitles
  4. New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Forestry in the NZ ETS 
    English subtitles Spanish subtitles

The videos are designed for policy makers, businesses, researchers and others who are interested in learning more about how emissions trading has been adapted to suit the national circumstances of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Please note that specific regulatory settings for unit supply and price control measures are updated annually. Some of the data presented in these videos may become out of date. For updated information, see:

The project was funded by Carbon Limits to support ETS training by the World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness. Complementary funding support for Motu’s Low-Emission Future programme was provided by the Aotearoa Foundation.