Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill: Submission to the Environment Select Committee

We strongly endorse the intention, direction, and overall framework of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill (ZCB). However, key aspects need to be improved to ensure it delivers sufficient policy ambition and certainty to unlock transformational investment and ensure a strategic and just transition for New Zealand’s economy in line with the 1.5oC global temperature goal in the Paris Agreement. Cross-party support is essential for the success of this legislation – and New Zealand’s pathway to decarbonisation. We call on all Members of Parliament to stand together in passing and implementing a strong and effective Act that provides clear long-term direction through a 2050 target, a framework for evidence-based decision-making and accountability on emissions budgets and plans, and establishment of an independent Climate Change Commission.

We make recommendations for changes in the following areas:

  • Policy framework
  • 2050 target and emissions budgets
  • Emissions reduction plans
  • Adaptation
  • Climate Change Commission
  • Alignment with the NZ ETS and NDCs