Household Climate Action Tool

Have you ever wondered what difference taking the bus rather than the car makes? How many emissions will you save by not eating red meat? Will cutting down your electricity use actually make a difference to greenhouse gases?

87% of NZers are concerned about climate change. With help from our funders and generous public giving, Motu and ChewyData have built a Household Climate Action Tool, hosted by the NZ Herald, to harness that concern and give kiwis a way to make a difference through their personal actions.

ActionTool Screenshot

It’s only a tool
Not a calculator, but
Actions make a difference

This simple information tool showcases tangible, practical, and understandable ways to reduce a household's greenhouse gas emissions, whether you’re a beginner or an eco-warrior.

The tool uses results from Allan et al. (2016) and Romanos et al. (2014), along with information from Statistics New Zealand’s Household Economic Survey (HES) to help households make more climate-friendly consumption choices.

The data behind the tool is based on average emissions profiles and average spending patterns and is not designed to provide an accurate account of household emissions or the impacts of various actions for specific households. The tool is designed to be simple and easy to use so that people can get an idea of the actions they can take to reduce their emissions, and to get an idea of how big the impacts of these actions may be.


Tindall Foundation, Mighty River Power