Fisheries Database: Quarterly ITQ Data and Monthly Price Data

This archive contains two restricted datasets used in Motu’s fisheries work. It is restricted in various ways and now out of date.

The first, “Quarterly ITQ Data,” contains quarterly information on fisheries catch volume, lease price, quota price, and export price for all the fishstocks in New Zealand’s quota management system as of 1998.

The second, “Monthly Catch and Export Prices for Binding Fishstocks,” contains monthly data on catch, average export price for perishable products, lease price, and TACC for 49 stocks whose total annual catch has either been greater than or come within 10% of the year’s total allowable catch, for at least 5 years in the period 1986 to 2000.

The database is compiled from:

  • Lease & sale price data, per trade 1986-1998
  • Quota Holdings, each holder 1987-1999
  • Quota Transactions, by trade 1986-1998
  • TAC levels, 1986-1998
  • TACCs and actual catch, by fish stock 1986-2000
  • Catch-Effort, September 1997 and April 1998
  • Port price data, by fish stock 1998-2000
  • Export prices, by month 1983-1998
  • Resource rental, by fishery 1986-1994
  • Cost recovery levies, 1994-2001
  • Regional economic database, 1986-1996

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