ROTAN Consistent Parcel Data for NManager - R9984

The data is given in two sheets. The first sheet gives each parcel in the Lake Rotorua catchment, the amount of land assigned to each land use and the regulatory information for the parcel (lag zone & MRT). Combining all three parts of this information is the accomplishment of this data set. Initially we had all this information in three different data sets (R9983, R9982 and R9980).The second sheet compares the data against the numbers we have for ROTAN from NIWA. It also provides land use divided over the lag zones. (R9984)

Data documentation includes details about the origins and generation of the data, Motu contacts, and uses of the data.

Data Source: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and Motu Economic and Public Policy Research

Data Access: Restricted, but you may be able to access this data; the data documentation has more information.