Transport Infrastructure, Lock-out and Urban Form Highway Development

Published: 2010

Author: Andrew Coleman

When travelling the world, it is impossible not to be struck by the different urban forms of the world's great cities. Cities differ in size, age, shape and height. They have different housing styles and population densities. Some are concentrated around a mess of crooked streets, some are laid out around a planned grid, and some sprawl over wide areas. Many have a central waterfront, while others have ports several miles away. Cities also differ substantially in terms of their transport systems. There are walking cities, light rail-based cities and subway cities. And there are also cities where public transport is little used, as most travelling occurs in private cars.


“Transport Infrastructure, Lock-Out and Urban Form: Highway Development in Auckland and the United States", Policy Quarterly, 6:4, pp. 23-7.

Available online at Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.