Motu Research Update


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The Motu Research Update is published to complement our more frequent e-newsletters. We aim to write articles accessible to anyone with an interest in our research.

It contains:

  • articles on our recent research.
  • regular features on Motu news and activities.
  • our latest publications.
  • a letter from our director. 

Update #29 (November 2019) Valuing diversity, the Waro Project, quality of life and business for migrants, solutions for freshwater management, and a human rights quiz. 

Update #28 (November 2018) New data tool scores countries on human rights performance, A New Zealand-focused global model for climate policy analysis, Parenthood and the gender wage gap, Relatedness, complexity and local growth, Motu's research and the "Wellbeing Budget".

Update #27 (December 2017) The gender wage gap, recent graduates qualifications and job choice, driving a low-emission transformation, and policies and actions and their impact on wellbeing.

Update #26 - (September 2016) Construction productivity; labour market dynamics following a regional disaster; charting a course to NZ's low-emission future; and are NZ and Australia a single housing market?

Update #25 - (December 2015) The relationship between household characteristics and greenhouse gas emissions from consumption; Performance Evaluation of Research Programmes: The Marsden Fund; Firm Productivity Growth and Skill; and Beliefs, Indigeneity and Economic Outcomes

Update #24 - The Role of Technology Policy in Addressing Climate Change; Value and Culture; The Long and Winding Road to Policy Certainty on Emissions Pricing

Update #23 - Life after Kyoto: how could New Zealand’s decision to opt out of the Kyoto protocol affect the way we address climate change over the next decade?; “Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart” evaluation; National Wellbeing and Sustainability Measures

Update #22 - Historical Land Use Patterns: Learning about Rural Land Use Change; The International Diffusion of Knowledge; Creating a Forest Profit Dataset

Update #21 - Patterns of Population Location in Auckland; Designing Policy to Protect New Zealand’s Water Quality; Strengthening International Ties through Internships

Update #20 - Managing risks in emissions trading markets; Looking forward after the quake; Saving New Zealand: PAYGO v SAYGO super schemes.