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Motu Research Update #25

The annual edition of Motu's newsletter, Motu Research Update, is now available. It contains articles drawing from this year's research, a list of publications, and updates on people and activities at Motu. We aim to...

Four realistic and effective ways Kiwis can cut their emissions

Fairfax's Henry Cooke investigates how a regular person in NZ can help curb greenhouse gas emissions.

How much effort should New Zealand make on climate change?

As New Zealand shapes its contribution to global mitigation, it needs to consider five factors:
setting targets top-down versus bottom up;
choosing the balance between domestic and global contributions;
assessing fairness;
assessing costs; and
creating a domestic pathway toward zero-net...

Motu News December 2015

Over the last year, Motu researchers undertook important research in environment and resources, urban and regional economics, population and labour, productivity and innovation, and macroeconomics and wellbeing. Some of our more recent projects are featured...

Paris climate change talks: a brief guide to all the shouting

OPINION: If you thought the Rugby World Cup dragged on a bit, hang onto your hat, because the global climate change summit talks that start in Paris on Monday will give the rugger a run...

Cut down on red meat, buy an EV and reduce your climate impact

How much we spend on Food, transport and power can Help solve climate change. 
New research has identified where households can make a real difference to their greenhouse gas emissions – and cutting down on red meat and...

Household Emissions Coverage

Our new research has identified where households can make a real difference to their greenhouse gas emissions – and electric vehicles, cutting down on red meat, and flying less are top of the list.
This research...

Briefing on Paris Climate Talks

International representatives are meeting in Paris this month to negotiate an agreement aimed at keeping the Earth’s warming climate in check.
The Science Media Centre held an in-person and online briefing with Suzi Kerr and Dave...

Less rigid rules key to success in Paris global climate change summit, Kerr says

The use of non-binding national commitments to act on climate change is the most "exciting" and necessary result required from next month's global climate change summit, in Paris, climate change policy expert Suzi Kerr says....

Motu Māori Thesis Scholarship

Every year, the Motu Research and Education Foundation offers a one-year $10,000 scholarship to a promising university student of Māori descent planning to work on an Honours, Masters or PhD thesis. The preference is that...