Understanding the Practice of Land Use Modelling

Understanding the Practice of Land Use Modelling (333 KB)

Published: 2013

Authors: Simon Anastasiadis, Graeme J Doole, Oscar Montes de Oca Munguia, Daniel Rutledge, James Turner, Adam Daigneault, Suzie Greenhalgh , Suzi Kerr

This report discusses the practice and usefulness of land-use modelling for an audience that is unfamiliar with it. It focuses on modelling that addresses the choice of rural land use, land-use intensity and land-use practices in response to economic, regulatory and environmental conditions. We provide brief descriptions of some of the key land-use models that are relevant in a New Zealand context, and discuss the key differences among them.

A less technical overview is also available in 'What's the use? How to get more from land-use and economic models' a Landcare Research presentation by Suzi Kerr and Adam Daigneault.