An Analysis of New Zealand’s Business Demography Database

Published: 2002

Authors: Nick Carroll, Dean Hyslop, Jason Timmins, Julian Wood, Dave Maré

Given that a future linked employer-employee database may use Business Demography data as a backbone:

  • What are the basic qualities of this dataset?
  • What are the observed patterns in job creation and destruction in New Zealand?
  • What are the general patterns in business growth in New Zealand?

This analysis uses employer-based data from Statistics New Zealand's Business Demography Statistics (BDS) database for the period 1994-2001.

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Carroll, Nick; Dean Hyslop, David C. Maré, Jason Timmins and Julian Wood. 2002. "An Analysis of New Zealand's Business Demography Database," New Zealand Economic Papers, 36:1, pp. 59-62.