Bibliography of research using the New Zealand Longitudinal Business Database

This list provides an overview of research using firm-level data from the New Zealand Longitudinal Business Database (LBD). It is a compilation of studies that use firm-level data from the Longitudinal Business Database (LBD).

The list is not comprehensive, and includes both studies that use the LBD, as well as a selection of "pre-LBD" studies that use linked firm-level data. The list also includes a number of guides to relevant databases.

Only one version of each publication was selected. Journal articles were given priority to working papers, etc. Most publications authored by present and past Motu staff can also be found as a Motu working paper. References were captured with Zotero via Google Scholar and Ideas.


  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (including its predecessors)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Motu Economic and Public Policy Research
  • New Zealand Association of Economists Conference
  • New Zealand Productivity Commission
  • New Zealand Treasury
  • REPEC profiles
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • Statistics New Zealand

Compiled by Eyal Apatov. Please email if you have any comments or updates to your research