Hometown & whānau, or big city & millennials?


The economic geography of graduate destination choices in New Zealand

We analyse the location choice of university and polytechnic students in New Zealand following graduation.

Graduates are attracted to locate in places that have high quality production amenities, resulting in good job opportunities.

Creative Arts and Commerce graduates are especially likely to locate in places that are attractive to business, consistent with a symbiosis between ‘bohemians’ and business.

High quality consumption amenities have more varied effects on the location choice of students.

Places can leverage their existing amenities to act as drawcards to recent graduates.

The results are important for local decision-makers, especially from non-metropolitan regions, who wish to know which factors can attract and retain young qualified people.


DOI: doi.org/10.29310/WP.2020.04


Grimes, A, S Badenhorst, D C Maré, J Poot, I Sin. 2020. “Hometown & whānau, or big city & millennials?” The economic geography of graduate destination choices in New Zealand. Motu Working Paper 20-04. Motu Economic and Public Policy Research. Wellington, New Zealand.


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