Land-Use Intensity Module: Land Use in Rural New Zealand Version 1

This document outlines the development of the dynamic functions and simple algorithms that make up the Land Use in Rural New Zealand (LURNZ) land-use intensity module. The module includes stocking rate functions for dairy, sheep, and beef livestock; fertiliser intensity functions for dairy and sheep/beef; and algorithms for the evolution of the age classes of the plantation forestry estate, and of reverting scrubland.

This module is designed so that:

  1. output from models of rural production and rural land use can be compared using the land-use intensity functions as conversion factors;
  2. output from the land use module of LURNZ can be converted into the implied levels of rural activities that can be directly related to certain environmental impacts.

This module is part of the LURNZv1 simulation model and can be used in conjunction with the LURNZ land use and greenhouse gas modules.