Our Research

Well-being and sustainability measures

Motu’s research in this area addresses the fundamental research and policy question: “Are current actions and policies sustainably increasing overall wellbeing?” The research includes compiling and testing measures of aggregate wellbeing and sustainability – internationally and for New Zealand.

Our research focus

Motu’s current and recent research focus includes:

  • Micro-geography and public housing tenant wellbeing.
  • Examining measures of aggregate wellbeing and sustainability – funded by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fund grant. An overview of the findings of this work is here.
  • The value of culture and heritage activities for regional and national outcomes.


Micro-geography and public tenant wellbeing

Authors: Arthur Grimes | Philippa Howden-Chapman | Conal Smith | Kimberley O'Sullivan | Lydia Le Gros | Rachel Kowalchuk Dohig

Working Paper

The micro-geography of people’s wellbeing depends on house and neighbourhood characteristics.