Our Research

Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Agricultural methane and nitrous oxide make up around half of New Zealand’s total emissions. 

New Zealand can potentially make a significant contribution to the global climate effort through research and policy that mitigate agricultural emissions. Motu has researched approaches to facilitating and motivating mitigation both through the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and also through a range of other private and public efforts.

From 2011-12 we ran a dialogue process to explore and road test ideas. The ideas for future action developed from the dialogue and project up to 2012 are synthesised in a Motu note. As part of this dialogue, we produced a short educational film, the New Zealand Farming Story: Tackling Agricultural Emissions. The film comes with a range of teaching materials, including an editable presentation and speaking notes, designed to make the film a good resource to use with secondary and tertiary students, farmers, or people working with farmers - anyone who eats!

Motu also developed an educational game around Agricultural Emissions Trading, which can be found here.

Our Shaping New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future project is building on this work, continuing both the research and the conversation.